Sarkis Love



The simplest answer as to why I love it is contained in the name itself.  First, it's Dance! It's a space where my own authentic movements and funky expressions are fully welcomed, encouraged, allowed, and supported.  I get to dance silly and playful, big and wild, quite and inward, laying down and being still, stretching in the corner; anything goes!  I get to move my body in a space that is free from judgment and welcomes all bodies and their movements.  To move in a way that feels good to my body, heart, and mind; this is the essence of dance for me.

Second, it's a Tribe.  Which means, I get to be my authentic self in CONNECTION with a community of people.  Witnessing and being witnessed in my authentic expression while being in connection is so deeply healing for me.  For a person who did not do well sitting in classrooms and being quiet/still all throughout my developmental years, Dance Tribe is like a never-ending factory of healing, corrective experiences.  And the only prerequisite for entry is showing up in a body!

I also really love that it is a shoes-off event that is free of drugs and alcohol.  I get to feel my feet on the ground, and I get to feel me; I get to listen to me.  Dance for me is a form of prayer, and I value being able to pray in an environment free of drugs and alcohol because too often (not always) I find that people who are intoxicated are actually trying to run away from their experience.  I don't want to run away, I want to celebrate myself by being with myself.  

This is why I go to Dance Tribe. To be with myself.  To be with other people. To pray and have fun. 

Thank you,