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lamaraLamara Heartwell: What can I say? I LOVE to dance! Every cell in my body sings with delight when I’m dancing. And to gather with others in an intentional way to free it up and boogie together — to me, that’s the ultimate celebration of being alive. It’s what inspired me to co-create Dance Tribe.



ishmielIshmiel Lounsbury is a co-founder of Dance Tribe and has been in the ecstatic dance scene for over 20 years. “Music and dance are two of the most powerful ways for us to return to the present moment,” he says. “Through ecstatic dance we can let go of our worries and express a true and authentic part of our selves.” Now a DJ for the Tribe, he creates sets that invite dancers to move from a deep internal place to a celebratory ecstatic high and then return to a quiet, grounded stillness. He fuses music from around the world.


marceDJ Marcelino is a regular favorite with Santa Barbara Dance Tribe and Ecstatic Dance San Luis Obispo. Marcelino plays ‘international liberation dance music’ drawn from a wide range of genres. He incorporates it all to transport dancers to beautiful places in one vast interconnected journey. Funky, shamanic, devotional, deep, upbeat, with appropriately big chaos in the  mix, he takes you on an epic-beats excursion to return you to your essential awakened self. Contact him at


ThriftyDJ Thrifty believes music feeds our souls. Outside of DJing, he spends his time gardening, beekeeping, spending time outside.





Fueled by a passion for revealing the sacred in all its forms through music and dance, DJ Datania delights in playing sets inspired by the 5Rhythms that make you want to move. Using a wide variety of music she creates soundscapes designed to take you on an emotional journey of depth and play, inviting you to connect to the full range of human experience and emotion through your dance. For over 16 years it has been her medicine, her passion and her pleasure to participate in and hold space for this amazing, ancient, and joyful experience.


DJ Head shot 1 DJ Bodhi is a native of Santa Barbara. His interest in music began at age five; he’s been a DJ for the past 25 years and has been playing for Santa Barbara Dance Tribe since 2011. In his sets he weaves together Trance, Electronica, Deep Soul, and Rhythm and Blues. He hopes to create a  space that allows authentic and pure movement.